Web-Impac Reaches Global Audience, Developing Video Productions For Businesses

Web-Impac, a leader in the ground-breaking “first impressions” software and voter technology, announced a strategic partnership with the prolific director, Terrance “Terry” Traynor of Narrow Street Films to develop business videos and films – not just locally, but worldwide.

Crush, kill, destroy. They’re three words we often use in startup land when what we really mean is build, grow and expand. And, no matter your nomenclature, there are a lot of companies doing it here in Austin.

In 2016, several hot Austin companies get even hotter. Think about Spredfast’s increasing reach and new funding, Dell’s growth through acquiring EMC or RideScout being acquired and rebranded as moovel Group. Sure, 2016 was a rowdy year with plenty of distractions, but it was largely a year of growth for Austin tech startups.

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